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LaToya Burrell

Welcome to my website. I’m so excited to give you a glimpse into who I am, what’s in my heart, and how I am Boldly Working Towards Change!

I wear multiple hats: wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend! I’m also a college dean and professor, attorney, and mentor!  Above all else, I am a child of God and follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My newest titles include change agent and writer!  So why the new titles?  After the death of George Floyd, I was inspired to BOLDLY do something!  A change is needed so I decided to be the change that I want to see.  That included writing a book, launching a YouTube channel, writing articles on the Medium, and having courageous conversations both formally and informally!  As a black woman, my experiences in America have been paramount to who I am today!  As a mother of two black sons, I want my children to live in the best world imaginable.  I want our world to be a reflection of our creator.  I want to see Heaven on Earth!

I was born and raised in Louisiana, a few miles south of New Orleans!  As the first-born child to two teenaged-parents and as a first-generation college student, education and learning have been foundational in my life!  I am no stranger to hard work.  I set goals and work to achieve them!  Despite any roadblocks, my attitude has always been one of gratitude!  I am a glass half-full type of person!  I aim to see the best in everything.  I’m fueled by motivating others and empowerment!  God has blessed me and has always provided a path and provision.  My ultimate goal is to always be a light!  I aim to help others see the beauty and blessing in any and everything!  That includes the beauty and blessing in all of God’s creation.

My Gallup Strengths are Learner, Focus, Achiever, Discipline and Harmony. My personal mission is to Live, Love and Lead!  I aim to live everyday with gratitude, displaying biblical love in everything that I do, leading others to Christ, and encouraging them to fulfill their greatest potential.  Being harmonious, I’m an advocate for social justice and equality.  My heart desires a world where everyone is treated equally and valued as a creation of God! There is beauty in diversity and power in unity!

After the death of George Floyd, I attended the Minneapolis Memorial, hosted at North Central University.  After the memorial, my heart was heavy and I knew I needed to do more.  A few days later, I could not sleep and as I paced my hallways, I thought Lord, what can I do… what should I do!  I heard crystal clear, write!  Being obedient I opened my laptop and began typing! The result is my book Be Bold: How to Prepare Your Heart & Mind for Racial Reconciliation.  With a heart after Christ and ultimate goal of harmony, I believe that racial reconciliation will take place when we humble ourselves and are open to have courageous conversations.  When we are willing to humbly step into a place of openness, true exploration of self and healing can begin and we can all BOLDLY walk into our purposes. 


 I encourage everyone to BE BOLD!

B- Be a Blessing

O- Be Obedient and Observant

L- Listen, Learn, Love, and Lead

D- Dare to Dream and Do Something Bold

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